Last update: 2021/17/03

Frequently asked questions...

AdDealsTM for publishers (all tablet/mobile apps)

I cannot find AdDeals SDK. Where is it?
You first need to register for free, then add your apps, click on 'SDK/API' at the top right corner of this web page when you are logged in.
I cannot find AdDeals Universal APIs, compatible with all technologies. Where is it?
You first need to register for free, add your apps, then contact us to request the Universal APIs as it's only available on demand so we can validate your APIs access.
What mobile application technologies are currently supported by AdDeals SDK and/or Universal APIs?
AdDeals SDK can be integrated in the following Windows Store/Mobile application projects:
  • Windows 8.1/10 native apps & games (C# XAML, VB, Universal apps UWP)
  • Unity apps (via AdDeals Unity Plugin, supporting Windows 10, iOS, Android)
  • iOS apps able to integrate native SDKs (Objective C / Swift)
  • Android apps able to integrate native SDKs (Kotlin / Java)
AdDeals Universal APIs can be integrated in any of the following mobile applications:
  • All Windows/iOS/Android apps developed with HTML5/JS, C++, Cocos-2D (contact us before integrating)
  • Desktop (PC) apps (contact us to check if that's worth it for you)
  • All apps that do not support either AdDeals Unity plugin or native SDKs
Supported ad kinds...
AdDeals SDK lets you request for INTERSTITIALS & REWARDED VIDEOS ads both (rendered with an adaptative user-friendly layout for any device model). On the other hand, Universal API is restricted to INTERSTITIALS ads only (you simply have to positionate visual elements (visual, frame, closing button) and implement click behavior).

How can I monetize my apps?
Integrate AdDeals SDK or Universal APIs & ads in your apps. The more ad displays you will generate, the more revenues you will get from your apps.
From now on, you have 2 formats available:
  • Full screen interstitials
  • Full screen rewarded videos
Please note that we are particularly good at monetizing Windows Store casual games since we historically specialized in those games (additionally to other Windows Store apps and games)
How much money can I earn from AdDeals Ad Network?
This mostly depends on three factors:
  • First you need to maximize the number of AdDeals ads displays.
  • Second, revenues depends on how many campaigns are active and what countries they target. The more live paid campaigns there are, the more revenues you will generate as a developer.
  • Third, advertisers can launch CPC or CPI campaigns. This means you can earn money when your users click OR download apps from AdDeals ads. In case none of your users download apps and if campaigns are mostly app download campaigns, your revenues will be lower. On the contrary, some publisher apps integrating AdDeals generate many downloads from AdDeals and therefore their revenues are higher.
Some apps and games already registered on AdDeals have generated more than $10 CPM. This means developers can earn more than $10 for interstitial as well as rewarded videos displays depending on their app traffic.
However, please note this also really depends on what countries are targeted by paid campaigns. If most paid campaigns are targeting France & USA for instance and your app traffic is mostly coming from Russia or India, your revenues will be affected. Also some days you can earn a lot and some others you can have lower revenues. Again this depends on how many campaigns are active.
How can I get paid when I generate revenues with AdDeals?
As a publisher you can get paid when your cumulated revenues are above $100 at the end of a specific month. When this is the case, we will notify you and a payment will occur within 60 days.
However, please note that you are required to fill up all your billing information prior any payment can be issued, including your PayPalTM email address (if you use it), bank information and your VAT number if you are a company located in EU. We support PayPal and Wire Transfers for payments, therefore your PayPalTM email address and/or wire transfer information is required. All fees for PayPalTM payments or wire transfer are applied at publisher's side.
How to optimize my revenues?
You can optimize the location of interstitial and video ads in your app so more users can see it. Around 95% of your users will never buy in-app items and many users just open your app or game only once. Regarding interstitial ads, we suggest you to integrate them at launch for apps, and/or between game levels for games, or when going back to the main menu. We recommend you to contact us in case you want specific advice on how to optimize your application/game revenues with AdDeals.
In your app settings, you can also set a min CPM. Our smart algorithms and our team will then optimize your revenues depending on your daily volumes. The higher, the better to drive higher CPMs and revenues.
What does CPM, CPC, CPI mean?
As a publisher, it corresponds to its earnings for 1000 AdDeals ad displays. As a publisher, it corresponds to the estimated earnings per click on an AdDeals paid ad. As a publisher, it corresponds to the average earnings per application downloaded coming from paid campaigns.
How can I increase my volume of downloads for FREE (interstitial cross-promotion)?
This is simple. Create an account, add your Windows Store (Desktop) app or mobile apps and download AdDeals SDK. It takes 10 min. Each time a cross-promotion interstitial ad is opened in your app, your app will be displayed in another app registered on AdDeals Network for free (1 for 1 free cross promotion). The more displays you generate, the more free traffic you will receive. Additionally, we invite you to integrate interstitial ads. You can create a cross-promotion campaign. Once approved by our team, your app will become eligible to earn 1 free interstitial display each time you display 1 interstitial from another AdDeals app. This is very powerful and you can earn a huge number of downloads by using free interstitial cross-promotion in your apps and games!

AdDealsTM for advertisers (tablet/mobile apps & browser games)

Do I need to integrate AdDeals SDK or ads if I want to launch paid campaigns to promote my apps?
No. If you launch CPC based campaigns (you pay for each click on your ad), AdDeals SDK is not required.
However if you want to pay only when a user downloads and launches your app or game (CPI campaigns), you need to integrate AdDeals SDK so we can track downloads and this way you will only pay / download generated drom AdDeals. Also agencies can work with us by using S2S integration to track installs. Bear in mind though that video ads are exclusively delivered to requests issued from SDK
Can I create and manage my CPC/CPI campaigns myself?
Yes. You just need to register on AdDeals for free, add your apps and games and create advertising campaigns. Once the campaign is created our team will review it. A minimum of $10 is required to launch a campaign. Contact us to add money on your advertiser account prior to launch a campaign. If your funds are exhausted, the campaign can be created and approved but will not start.
I want to generate downloads on a daily basis targeting specific countries and languages, can I do it myself?
Yes. AdDeals Network provides advertisers with advanced targeting capabilities. Create a campaign from your AdDeals account and select your targeting preferences. To maximize your number of daily downloads, we invite you to select several major countries at least. Also you can define a maximal budget for your campaign and you can also define a daily cap for AdDeals campaigns.
I want to do a price drop and launch a campaign on AdDeals, is it possible?
Yes and we encourage it. If you do a price drop ideally to $0 when you launch a campaign on AdDeals, you can expect many more downloads since we show end users that your app price has dropped for a limited time. The only thing you have to do is to create a campaign on AdDeals and then drop your app price. Our systems will detect price drops & price increases automatically.

Managing privacy concerns on AdDealsTM website

I want to definitely close my account, how to make it?
You - and only you - can decide to close your account at any time. The account closure process actually consists of 3 steps:
1)    To confirm your wish to permanently leave the AdDeals platform, click the 'Delete my account' button here. Follow the deletion procedure as explained.
Once submitted, the system will immediately put an end to all your advertising/publisher activity on the AdDeals platform. Practically speaking, the system automatically inhibits AdDeals requests initiated through SDK or API indifferently, preventing you as a publisher from getting ads delivered by AdDeals Servers (Note: the API key will become inactive).
However, we expect you to upgrade a new version of your app(s) that excludes the SDK (or API calls), so as to not overload AdDeals servers unnecessarily anymore.
At this stage, your web portal session stays in a virtual "switched off" mode; you keep having a free access to your account and can manage your profile information, but AdDeals platform specific features are no longer available to you.
2)    Before clearing your personal data we must wait for our system to notify us your financial situation has been regularized. Depending on contractual statements (if you launched paid campaigns in particular), dealing with remaining transactions that are still due / under treatment may take several days to a few weeks.
Do not forget to update your banking informations if need be, to achieve the deletion process as fast as possible.
3)    The deletion of your personal data as well as any data related to your products or to you as a business entity (such than ads consumption trends or any demographics labelled data), but also data referenced in our data system related to your users within the scope of use of your products will be erased from our data-system (Data Base and Data Warehouses) within 48 hours, unless we are suspecting activities breaching our legal terms & conditions. We also guarantee none of your sensitive data will be alive in third-party partners' systems in the future, since we don't share sensitive information from our customers to our partners.